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Eventually promises of "the best Jerk in all of Jamaica" lured us out of the castle and into the wild blue yonder.

We arrived at Shaggy's Jerk Shop in Boston Bay with empty bellies and high hopes. Can't you just see the glint of hope shining brightly in Kathleen's eyes?

While waiting for Shaggy's crew to cut us up a pound of chicken and a half pound of pork, we admired the nearby architecture.

Having devoured the original order, another half pound of pork and chicken, some jerk fish from across the street and a couple of orders of tasty breadstick-like things, the satisfied diners pause from their grazing for a photo.

Our bellies full of tasty meat, we all had visions of joining this fellow in his afternoon slumber. Alas, we had to stick to our agenda and continue onward to the Reich Falls, where excitement and adventure surely lurked in wait.

Reich Falls were indeed exciting and filled with adventure. Unfortunately, the adventure was the sort that involved swimming around in a river and ducking into underwater caves; neither of which was conducive to carrying a camera. It was at times exhilarating, at times peaceful and all around good fun.

When we made it back down the river, the more daring among us opted to leap off the falls and into the pool below. I graciously accepted the duty of documenting the jumps rather than jumping myself.

First we have a blurry Cathy.

Followed by a blurry Daniel.

Finshing up with a blurry Charlie (on his second jump). I didn't get pictures of everyone, so you'll just have to guess which of the remaining thirteen were daring enough to make the leap.

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