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After a great deal of deliberation, plan making and subsequent plan cancelling, we decided to spend New Year's eve at the castle, making our own merriment and drinking the fine champagne we'd picked up at the duty free on the way to Jamaica.

Most of the evening was spent on the verandah, enjoying the lovely moon and one another's company.

Many serious issues were discussed.

There was even a bit of silliness.

When Ray's GPS unit indicated that midnight was upon us, we raised our glasses and toasted the New Year.

Following which, we retired to the ballroom to dance the night away.

Paul even perfected the technique of dancing and drinking at the same time, which was widely imitated.

The revelry continued late into the night, by which point I had apparently passed out in the drawing room. Fortunately, Claudia rescued me before the lipstick and farm animals could be fetched. Compromising photographs aside, a good time was had by all.

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