day 28 (01/14)
fiji 2000.
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claudia, frank and emilija all left the previous evening. the only people left were ray, jan and myself (matt and sarah were at vomo, but we didn't know this at the time as they had left for australia a week and a half earlier). we had met an indian guy at a restaurant a week or so earlier and he invited us to a party he was having, so ray and i met up with him and his sister in town and helped with some party preparations.

ray and i headed out the next day on adventures.

went to the post office to send off some last minute post cards.

we stopped by avi's house. avi was the guy we met earlier who invited us out to his village for a party. we picked him up in nadi and stopped by his house to pick up some stuff before heading to the village (or so we thought).

here's avi.

had to stop by the restaurant where avi worked before we went, so ray took some pictures while we waited.

then we picked up avi's sister and went to the store. we were beginning to wonder if we would ever make it to the village. since we sat for so long outside the store waiting for them, we decided to take a picture of the scenery in the alley since it comprised such a large portion of the trip.

we finally headed out to the village and avi suggested we stop on the way for a picture because "this was a nice spot." i'm not sure what's so nice about it except that there is pavement for about two hundred meters on an otherwise dirt road.

we make it to avi's house, settle in and then decide to go to the beach. this is the beach. to truly understand how silly this beach was, you have to realize that the depth of the water where those two boats are was about two and a half feet.

later that day, we drove up to the top of a nearby hill and took some pictures of the countryside.

ahh, beautiful countryside.
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