day 26 (01/12) (continued)
fiji 2000.
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today we headed out to hike up a coastal trail. this was far and away the biggest adventure we had the whole trip, but i'll let the pictures tell the tale.

we made it to a swimming hole up river. at this point, it started to rain and i had to put the camera away for the rest of the hike. we headed further up the river and finally got to where two waterfalls fell into a basin and created the river. we had to swim the last few hundred meters to get into the basin and the current was pretty strong. then the rain picked up and the river level rose about two feet and about swept some of us down the river. we all escaped with our lives and made the two hour hike back in the torrential downpour.

either we hiked out from under the rain or the rain decided to stop, but either way we had a nice rainbow to greet us on our way home.
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