day 22 (01/08)
fiji 2000.
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back at saweni, we hang out while numerous people pack. a pretty big contingent is heading home this evening. we spend the afternoon at the sheraton with frank and crew and then drop sarah off at the airport with all the other departing crazies.

adam and angela head back to the states today, so we wish them off.

jen, vic, charlie and heather are also heading out this evening. the ranks are starting to thin.

we all head to the sheraton before dinner where much playing ensues in the vanishing edge pool.

not a bad place to relax and watch the sun go down.

night falls, and i wander off in search of things to photograph. what ever do i find, but more hoppers!

i also found an interesting little land crab, who i convinced to pose with one of the hoppers.

ray looks rather demonic here in the pool.
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