day 17 (01/03)
fiji 2000.
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we spent today in suva, fiji's capital. we hit the kava market and a variety of souvenir hawking establishments. all in all, suva seemed like a nice little town.

a view from our hotel. at nine stories, it's one of the tallest buildings in fiji.

it seems to be a very colorful city.

more suva skyline.

on our way to the market, we happened upon butt st. and i couldn't resist the opportunity for a cheap laugh.

on to the vegetable market.

then upstairs to the kava market.

mmmm... spices. we were at this point very enamored with fijian pepper (as in black pepper, not kava which also turns out to be a pepper, the fact of which ends up complicating our attempts to get some of the former) but no one seems to sell it.

kava dealers. that sounds kind of seedy.

a quick pit stop on the way to the crafts center.

fijian traffic.
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