day 16 (01/02)
fiji 2000.
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by day three at toberua, we're fully in tune with the resort lifestyle. wake up, eat, lounge in the sun, take a nap, eat, get a massage, take another nap, eat, have some drinks and watch the sunset, have a few more drinks and off to bed for the night. we didn't quite make it through our full agenda today though because we had to head back to suva in the afternoon. that evening in suva, we bumped into adam and angela. coincidences abound in this crazy place.

more experimental photography.

self portrait.

we weren't quite feeling sufficiently decadent, so we got massages on our porch while listening to the soft sounds of the waves lapping against the rock wall.

everyone wishes us goodbye when we leave.

then they proceed to chuck their friend in the water.

a cute little boat that was docked by toberua.

bye bye toberua.

me trying out the island raver look.

somehow i ended up with three pictures of the guy that drove us back to the mainland. i'll save you the tedium of having to see all three.

more villages on the way home. i'm not sure how i feel about the modern version of traditional hut architecture.
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