LED right into our trap

4 June 1997 Here is an LED clock, much like the one on your VCR that tells you when the power has been out. It will continue to flash until you click on the numbers and set the time. Go ahead, we'll wait.

If you've just set the clock to the correct time, then you are a geek. Face it. You're watching it right now to see if it's correctly keeping time. Ha! Now you've been sucked in. You've played with the applet, and you're going to read the rest of this. Our ploy has been successful. You see, we have interrupted the regularly scheduled Deep Magic to bring you an important message: We need help!

Deep Magic is normally written by the magic-makers here at go2net; and don't get us wrong, we love doing it. We also have a busy schedule of making magic for the company, and writing Deep Magic can really put bags under our eyes. We need more writers, and are hoping maybe you, oh humble reader, could write for Deep Magic.

Earn the fame you deserve! See your name on our pages! Amaze your friends with illegibly commented Java code written at three in the morning! Confuse your enemies with same! And get started saving enough money for a computer with the Amazing MegaHertz Nine Billion!!

Really -- if you are the type of person who enjoys each weekly installment of Deep Magic (and especially if you set the clock), then you may be qualified to write for it! Think of your mother, won't it make her proud? Think of us, the programmers of go2net, busy with various secret Alpaca rocketry projects.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact <paulp@go2net.com>, and tell him confidently, "I have the magic." *

-- the Deep Magic Makers

If you're looking for source code this week, then you're SOL. Just kidding.